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NAAB Mission
Impartiality Policy

North American Accreditation Bureau (NAAB) understands the importance of impartiality, objectivity, transparency, confidentiality, and avoidance of conflict in carrying out its accreditation activities. NAAB management is committed to gaining and maintaining the reputation, credibility and ultimately, confidence of its stakeholders in rendering its accreditation services. Additionally, NAAB strives to continuously manage foreseen potential conflicts of duty and interest and ensures objectivity of its activities under the accreditation system.


To achieve the above, NAAB shall identify, analyze, record and manage potential conflict of duty and interest to ensure that accreditation services are not provided within relationships that have been identified to pose an unacceptable threat to impartiality.


An Impartiality Committee shall periodically review activities of the accreditation function to verify commitment to credibility and fairness. The Committee shall further assist in the development of policies relating to impartiality of providing accreditation activities.


NAAB is committed to maintaining in strict confidence all information accessed while rendering the accreditation services and shall ensure that such information is not divulged to third parties without the Client’s written consent unless if required by law.

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