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NAAB Mission

To provide accreditation for registrars internationally in accordance with ISO/IEC standards.

NAAB Vision

To be the leading accreditation body by providing high quality, cost effective and reliable accreditation services with additional value-added services for customers and end users.

What Sets NAAB Apart

NAAB recognized the need for small private registrars to become accredited so they may perform third-party accredited certifications and thus provide credibility and confidence for those organizations requiring accredited certifications.


We focus on servicing these small registrars which has led to our accreditation symbol being recognized and sought-after globally by many organizations.


Our Board of Directors have the experience to provide the guidance and oversight needed to help registrars reach accreditation.

If you’re considering forming your own registrar, we have the assistance, technology, and coaching to help you get there. Reach out to learn more!

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